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Today, I realized the unconditional love I have for my 4-year-old son when I didn’t strangle him after I spent 15 minutes drenching myself outside in the freezing cold sleet and snow looking for his favorite action figure that he thought he left in the backyard, but instead turned out to be lost in the back pocket of his pants. MMT

#11948 (7) - Dec 21, 2010 by BeingDad - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (1344) - No, that made me sleepy. (686)



Strangle!!!!....maybe yell at first...sheesh.

it took you four years to realize you love your son...?

You spent 15 minutes of your time outside,big whoop & most people do that for their kids without second thought. Also,people generally get upset not say they want to strangle their kids,wow.

Massive run on sentence.

It's great that you love your son, but 'not strangling' someone isn't exactly the epitome of love.

wow you managed not to strangle your child, great parent.....

Ahh... Original poster, don't take to heart the previous comments. This story made me chuckle. First of all the whole strangling thing? Yeah, that's just an over exaggeration. He would never have really done it! Second I read a post that said "most parents would do it without a second thought" I can guarantee you that he did this without a second thought. Because he went out and looked for it. And the "You spent 15 minutes... big whoop" I'm pretty sure this guy would have stayed out there as long as it took. The original post ended with the son finding the action figure! So the kid could have called out to him that he found it. This is a funny, heartwarming story and y'all are just trying to make him feel bad about being a good parent. Keep up the good work!

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