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Today, I proved them wrong. My mom wanted me to study medicine. My grandparents wanted me to become a teacher, since "there’s always a job in that field." But I followed my heart. I majored in music. They told me it was a useless degree. But today, a month after I graduated, I got my first fulltime paid gig working with the local symphony. Like I said, today I proved them wrong. MMT

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Focus more on the heart following, and less on the "proving".

hi, i was in a similar situation to yourself. my WHOLE family wanted me to study medicine, including my grandparents and even my brother. i come from a family of doctors. i wanted to study law. anyhow, 10 years on and i'm still struggling to get my medicine degree. to finish the last 2 years of my course has been taking me 4 years and not to mention regular visits to the psychiatrist. take home point: please let your children dream and let their dreams come true. if they make mistakes, they are their own and they will learn from them. stop trying to shelter them and make them do what you feel is right because it worked for you.

I know how you feel. My parents have a company and they were expecting me to study Bussiness so I could take the company but I want to study music. I'm having a hard time because my family thinks I'm going to fail and going nowhere. I don't think the OP was focusing more on the "proving" than in the heart following. I think it's just a consequence about all the hard time the OP had with his/her family, therefore, the OP fullfilled two goals, proving his/her family wrong, and to pursue his/her dream. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you continue getting better and better. You inspire me to continue pursuing my dream.

When I decided to be a music major, my parents were so nervous. They wanted me to have job security. It's been two years and the school has been kicking my ass, but I have never wanted anything more and I am determined as ever to succeed. I will go places.

Try to prove them wrong ten years later when you're trying to raise a family with the pay from a "local symphony".

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