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Today, before school, just as the bully raised his fist like he was going to hit me, the captain of our basketball team (who’s like 6’9) grabbed the bully’s fist and said, "I’m warning you. If you hit him, I’m going to hit you. Or you could try to hit me, and I’ll hit you back in self defense. Or we can all go our separate ways." The bully walked away. I ran into him again after school too, and he left me alone. MMT

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What I like most is that there were no violence to defend OP. I like how the basketball captain only warned and did not hit.

I'm very inspired by basketball captain's move to stop this bully in his tracks. Bullying does not deserve a place in our society, and I hope you stay strong and do not let the bullying get to you. Often bullies act out of insecurity, so I hope you feel secure with yourself and your life. If you need anything, or if it starts to get more out of hand, there are many people who can help you :)

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