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Today, on my first day of active duty, I wore my Marine Corps uniform for the very first time. A woman came up to me at the gas station on my way to the base, grasped my hand in hers, smiled and said, "Thank you!" MMT

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i remember when my fiance first came home from basic in his uniform everyone at walmart would thank him. it mad him mad because he hadent done anything yet.

I thank you! It's the fact that you have given your life to protect our country. I will be marrying a soldier in October and I even thank him randomly. I wouldn't be sitting at this computer right now if it wasn't for you guys!

Thank you to all soldiers, the fact that he joined shows his true courage already

i hope you were in blues or charlies and not cammies. thanks for joining our 'family' =)


Not all soldiers give their lives. My husband's best friend has been serving as a cook in North Carolina since he enlisted.

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