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Today, I woke up late and decided that I’d just do my makeup quickly in the office restroom before I started work. On my way into the office, as I was hurrying to the restroom, I received two sincere compliments on my appearance from two separate colleagues. One of them actually said, “I love the lighter make-up today, it really brightens your smile.” I went into the restroom and stared at myself in the mirror in silence for a few seconds and then walked back out and received a third compliment just a few minutes ago. MMT

#15399 (2) - Aug 30, 2011 by Ally - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (1627) - No, that made me sleepy. (458)



I'm surprised so many people disliked this one. I thought it was good that another person realized how beautiful they are without trying to be beautiful. I'm sincerely glad for you, Ally.

I'm surprised so many disliked it too. I looked now and it has a lot more "happy" ones. I think its good too that another person realized she was beautiful without trying. And I'm happy for you, Ally, that other's complimented on how good you looked. I think everyone should realize how beautiful they really are despite the media and everything.

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