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Today, my autistic little sister spoke her first word at the age of 6 – my name. MMT

#15672 (6) - Oct 15, 2011 by jellob - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (1684) - No, that made me sleepy. (25)



I was really touched by what you wrote, myself being a teacher of autistic children. They are Godsent star children.

By "autistic" you mean "non-verbal autistic." It is not a uniform trait for all autistic children to be non-verbal. Lots are, but by no means a majority. Some are extremely verbal, speaking full sentences before 1 year. People also need to recognise that even in non-verbal children, lacking the desire to speak doesn't mean unable to speak, and it certainly doesn't mean unable to understand. Too many times people think that 'autistic' is synonymous with 'mentally retarded'. It is not.

Omi, as someone with an autistic brother, I see no problem with OP's wording. Her sister is indeed autistic, and there are certainly autistic children who are non-verbal. She didn't phrase it poorly, and the point of her post wasn't to state/clarify that not all autistic children are non-verbal. You're really going off on a tangent, imo.

Omi, the OP didn't say that all autistic kids are non-verbal. She said that her little sister's first word, who was not speaking until the age of six, was her name. Also, though it might not mean "mentally retarded," it is a serious condition that affects the mind which needs to be researched.

Omi, I appreciate your clarification for readers who aren't familiar with autistic subtypes.

My uncle is extremely autistic. He didn't speak until he was eight. He can't answer the phone. He can't hold a conversation. He can't understand things like most people. However, he is the sweetest, happiest, most generous, compassionate person I have ever met in my life. He is fifty. He has many friends, a job at a local restaurant, and he has inspired countless people without ever knowing. I know living with someone autistic may be hard sometimes, but I bet your sister will have a great life full of happiness. I'm sure she really loves and appreciates you.

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