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Today, my two daughters, 4 and 6, wanted ice cream from the ice cream shop next to the grocery store we had just finished shopping at. But ever since my husband and I were forced to foreclose on our home we have been budgeting our money down to the penny, and only using cash for our purchases. I explained to my daughters that I had only brought enough money for the groceries. They were upset, but okay with it. Then, as we were packing all the groceries in our car, the ice cream store owner walked up with two double scoop ice cream cones. He said, “I was out front a minute ago and overheard your conversation. Today the ice cream is on me.” MMT

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I understand the decision of the parents, and understand that they can't afford something as small as an ice cream cone. I repair computers for a living and am self employed. I never make someone have to decide if they are going to eat or fix the computer. Computers are essential to most families anymore. School, job hunting, bill paying, etc. I figure that what goes around comes around, so I have no problems saying "No Charge" to someone who really needs a break.

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