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Today, it’s been almost 30 years since I first started volunteering at the local library for the bi-weekly ‘Children’s Story Hour.’ Reading to the kids, seeing their expressions and answering some of their curious questions has been my healing escape from the daily grind over the years. But I never really looked at my volunteer work as anything more… until today. Today our local news channel completed a series entitled, “Local Heroes.” 127 adults in the county voted for me, saying something like, “Cheryl’s ‘Story Hour’ is one of the warmest memories from my childhood.” I didn’t even realize I had been nominated until a news truck pulled up to my house this afternoon. My 127 votes landed me a tie for 2nd place. And interestingly, all the other names on the top of the list were local firefighters, police, and politicians. MMT

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I've been looking for a while now for a good place that I can donate my time to, and my local library never crossed my mind. You've done a wonderful thing for countless children, and you've inspired me to start volunteering at my local library. It's people like you that keep children young and imaginative and carefree. Thank you.

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