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Today, after the veterinary informed me that the tumor in Rogan’s (my 7 year old dog) abdomen was malignant and life threatening, I cried in the waiting area for several minutes and told the doctor that I could not afford the $920 that it would cost for the surgery to remove it. “Well, we’ll keep him here for the rest of the day and run a few more tests,” the doctor said. “Go home, get some rest, and I’ll call you in a few hours.” I left and I didn’t hear from the veterinary’s office for 7 hours until this evening at 7PM. The doctor called and told me he decided to do the surgery free of charge. “I’ve already removed the tumor,” he said. “Rogan is doing well. Since we caught it early, he will likely make a full recovery.” MMT

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Ah! This is a wonderful story! I'm glad your pal is expected to make a full recovery. That veterinarian is an absolutely phenomenal person! I'm glad you and your dog found someone as amazing and caring as him!

hey my dad told me that he did something like this for someone the other day...i think it was him

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