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Today, after drinking several beers at a bar downtown for my friend’s birthday party, I walked down the road to the bus stop and waited. I was too tight on cash to get a taxi, but I could afford a bus fare. While I was waiting at the bus stop, a taxi pulled up to see if I wanted a ride. It turned out to be a taxi driver who’s given me a ride several times before over the years. I said, “No thanks, I’m tight on money right now and I don’t have enough cash on me.” “Don’t worry about it, jump in,” he said. “You’re a regular, and you’ve tipped me well over the years. I’m getting off my shift now anyway, and I’m heading your way.” He dropped me off at my home free of charge, and even refused a small tip. He smiled and said, “Tonight I’m giving you the tip.” MMT

#15894 (0) - Jan 14, 2012 by sammyslott - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (1073) - No, that made me sleepy. (22)



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