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Today, my dad handed me a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towel as we got in the car. He turned to me and said, “I just talked to your mom while she was on her lunch break. She mentioned her windshield got covered in bugs on the drive to work. Since we’re going to drive right by her work anyway, I figured we’d clean them off for her. It's the little things, kiddo, which keeps love going.” By chance, while my dad was cleaning the windshield, my mom came out with her kids for recess. Her smile and seeing how in love my parents are MMT.

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thats very sweet. (but it wasn't really chance as much as it was good timing. i'm sure that your mother takes her kids out for recess the same time everyday.)

While the wife might take her class out at the same time daily, it's still on a small amount of chance that it would be the same time that the husband and son were on their way to a pre-planned event. Unless the husband scheduled the event around his wife's playground time. Which would be weird, and unlikely.

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