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Today, I was sitting next to a mom and her son on the train. The boy had Down Syndrome. As I was responding to emails on my iPad, the boy wanted to see what I was doing. I told his mom it was fine, and I let him watch me type for a few minutes. Then I showed him a few of the games I had downloaded. He had the biggest smile across his face the entire time. His mom told me I was one of the nicest strangers they’ve sat next to on the train all year long. MMT

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I used to try to be that person (I still do, in fact). I loved going out of my way to be nice to strangers, and particularly to children. Now, as the mother of two children with autism, I am living on the other side as well, being so grateful for kind and patient strangers. And while I'm at it, despite them both having autism, I am striving to raise two young men who will be as kind as you. xxxx So thank you from all mothers.

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