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Today I needed some help with my life. Nothing has been going well, I'm in a bad spot and I was recently let go from my job, and I've had no success finding a job or making ends meet. I decided to go to my place of worship for the first time in years for some kind of help, or the feeling that I was doing something right. As random as it sounds, on the way home I stopped to pick up groceries and I bumped into an old neighbor I hadn’t seen in years. After a bit of small talk, he offered me a job at his company. MMT

#16959 (3) - Nov 7, 2012 by doka0901 - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (600) - No, that made me sleepy. (24)



Congratulations! but please don't become one of those people who takes for granted the kindness of your neighbor and credits God for their generosity.

That was NOT a coincidence. Be thankful and pass it on.

Goodness, you should have seen the smile burst across my face when I got to the end of that post. I hope you are still going well in that job!

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