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Today, at a college party I started talking to a mildly autistic boy. We got into a deep conversation and he said how he was sad that most people never talk to him, and he worries about never having friends, marrying, or having his own family someday. We ended up having a few drinks together and dancing and chatting the entire night away. It was the most fun I’ve had with a guy in a long time. I have his number, and I intend to call him this weekend. MMT

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updates :)?

Its been a week.,. Did you call him? Or having second thoughts?

that reminds me of the same situation a friend had. It turned out she met an amazing person. What she might have missed. They have a lot in common and he is such a breath of fresh air. I hope you called him back. Don't give up. You might find a great friend at the least. good luck

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