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Today, we were reminiscing about the day we met 40 years ago in high school. "What are these scars from?" she asked. "They're my battle wounds," I replied. "Who were you battling?" she asked. "Myself," I replied. She hugged me and asked, "Can I help?" I never cut myself again. And then we married five years later. MMT

#17130 (4) - Dec 21, 2012 by Les - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (547) - No, that made me sleepy. (49)



The 43545325237th time this story gets posted, the less any of us think.


I check this sight daily, and have done so for years, and have never seen this story. And it did make me think. So please other commenters, don't be jerks. There are plenty of websites for jerks to insult people and make them feel bad, this isn't one of them.

@Don'tbeajerk, I am not usually one to question anyone's story, but I too, use this site daily (for inspiration) and felt this seemed oddly familiar. A search for "scars" on this site revealed that the phrase "Who were you battling?" "Myself" had been used by a teacher in April, 2010. Then there is a post by Les on May 10, 2010 that appears exactly the same then as it does today. Were this story true, an update stating that 42 years ago . . . would have made sense. It makes me sad when things like this happen because yes, it is a beautiful tale, and now it somehow seems to degrade the integrity of what I consider to be a beautiful site.

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