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Today, my wife and I acted like kids. We ate cotton candy at a carnival, climbed an oak tree in a nearby park and then carved our initials into the tree's trunk. On our walk home it started raining. So we splashed around in the puddles and performed rain-dances as we walked. It was a blast! MMT

#18 (6) - Jul 27, 2009 by Gary - Happy - Yes, that made me think too! (4457) - No, that made me sleepy. (832)



I just discovered this sight, and I've read a bunch of touching stories. I want to say I don't no way yours got me, but I do.

I'm 20 and my biggest concern is to still be able to sing and dance in the middle of the street and have fun when I get older. thank you for sharing

i agree with #20. thank you

I want to find someone who would do the same thing with me.

Too bad for the tree you carved up.

You're never too old to have fun and be happy, and don't be ashamed no matter how many people are watching :)

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