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Today, I saw a pretty scary looking guy who had a tall blue mohawk and tattoos and piercings all over his body. He was helping my elderly neighbor take her trash down to the curb. My neighbor told me afterwards that the guy was just walking by and offered to help. MMT

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The hair, tattoos, and piercings are all things that can signify an open mind. Open mindedness and deviousness are too often confused. But people up to no good will choose these appearances just because they're trying not to conform.... Blah. ~Engineer with a mohawk

Did that teach you to stop being so shallow?

Did that teach you to stop being so shallow?[2] I hate judgmental people like this.

This reminds me of my boyfriend, his appearance is "scary" yet he always does kind curtious things for other people, such as opening doors for people with prams, helping elderly people carry groceries, giving what little money he has to homeless people, and actually TALKING to them and treating them like human beings. It's always nice to see people plesently surprised when he offers to help them.

I had two close friends in high school, one who was goth and one who was more or less preppy/trendy. The goth was Catholic and a total science geek who graduated from Boston University last year. The other one dropped out of our state school and is going from guy to guy. My parents always warned me about getting a reputation with the goth girl and pushing me to hang out more with the other one. I'm glad the goth girl's open mind rubbed off on me, in the end. We had more fun talking about constellations than when I was going to parties with the other. And she's the one I'm still friends with, purple streaks and all. People need to stop thinking creativity is scary! I'm glad you've realized as much.

We ve all heard it before Looks can be deceiving or Don't judge a book by its cover another example! Great struff TAS, Smile-Therapy.com

I dressed crazy like that in middle school, it really opened my mind up. I stopped caring what others thought, and remained as nice as I was before. People need to stop the judging, it get's the world abolutely no where. God bless.

i have a lot of tattoos and piercings... i hold the door open for people at the bank everyday, including a rain/ice storm just the other day. its the best feeling in the world when people just smile and looks shocked at who's holding the door for them. i'm normal just like everyone else.

The most polite and courteous people I've known have sported a Mohawk/leather jacket/ridiculous piercings.

people can be so closed minded about other people. everyone deserves a chance.

usually punk kids with tattoos and peircings are the sweetest guys you ll meet. sure they have their problems, but everyone does. its completely unfair to past judgement on them because the look different then most people. wake up, everyone now a days has tattoos and peircings even if they dont have a mohawk.

I would've asked him if I could touch his Mohawk. The most interesting people are the most interestingly dressed sometimes

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