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Today, I was in line at the store behind a man holding a dozen roses. When he got up to the cashier's counter, he realized that the cashier looked sad. The man smiled and said, "I'm buying 11 of these roses for my wife." And then he handed the cashier the 12th rose. She smiled from ear to ear. MMT

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It's people like that man that keep me from losing all faith in humanity.

awww what a sweet guy!

Seems sweet, until you learn that when he got home his wife counted the roses and asked: "Where is the twelfth rose?" He tried to explain that he gave it to the cashier. She imagined the cashier being 10 years younger than her and got jealous and the couple spent the rest of the night fighting.

Personperson makes a good point. But it's still a very sweet thing to do.

When I hear about people like this, it makes me feel good to know nice, kind people do exist, somewhere.

Personperson made me laugh. I doubt he was serious, but man that cheered me up.

One day at work, I was crying while standing at the front doors of my store. I had messed up something and was pretty sure I was going to get written up. A man that was on his way out stopped and gave me a flower out of his bouquet along with some encouraging words. I love that there are more people like this in the world!

It's just a flower.

I really wish I knew if this happened in Washington State. My husband always buys me 11 roses because when we were dating me gave me 11 roses and I asked him why 11? Where is the 12th one? He said, "Look in the mirror." Over the years he has made a habit of taking that 12th one and giving it to various people that I know. I never ask where the 12th one is anymore. I know.

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