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Today I was approached by a homeless man who asked if I had any change. I only had two dimes, but I gave it to him anyway. As I watched him walk away, he put the dimes in an expired parking meter of a strangers car. MMT

#1057 (9) - Sep 13, 2009 by Richmond - Inspiring - Yes, that made me think too! (13791) - No, that made me sleepy. (263)



Aww, this one made me smile!

That man is enlightened...

No he didn't he spent it on booze

bgduck, not all homeless people spend there cash on booze. >.

think this one's related? http://makesmethink.com/view/Happy/41

Your parking meters use dimes? I've only seen ones that take quarters.


Hey, umm, this is a facebook "like" thing but cool story bro

Very nice! Hope we have more people who thinks that way.

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