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Today, I ordered flowers for my mom’s birthday. I paid for them to be delivered because she lives about 250 miles away and I didn’t think I’d have time to see her today. But on my way back home, I drove past a cemetery where I saw a man and two kids placing flowers on a grave. I turned around, picked-up the flowers from the florist, and drove straight to my mother’s house. MMT

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So you're saying you were by her house, but started driving 250 miles home (easily a 4 hour drive) instead of just bringing them yourself? This story doesn't make sense at all. I live 150 miles away from my mom and it takes me 2 hours to get there even when I speed, if I were by her house I wouldn't drive all the way home on her damn birthday and have something delivered 'just in case' i wouldn't be able to stop by, I'm sure you weren't planning on driving over 8 hours in one day to go home and come back.

I don't understand your confusion, #1. OP never said they were by their mother's house to begin with. >Today, I ordered flowers for my momâ

I think what the OP is saying is that they drove to the flower shop and ordered flowers for them to drop of for OP, but when OP was going home they saw the man and his children picking the flowers, and OP turned around went back to the flower shop and drove the flowers straight to their mother's home. OP-This is amazing. Good job. Hope your mother had an amazing birthday, I know so many people who wish they could go back and do just one more thing for their parent...

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