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Today, I celebrated my 16th birthday. I was born HIV positive and nobody thought I would make it. MMT

#1120 (8) - Sep 15, 2009 by jess - Inspiring - Yes, that made me think too! (5733) - No, that made me sleepy. (140)



Happy birthday! Your strength gives hope to millions of other people. Thank you.

The one's who have an expiration date always live past it, because they live their life to the fullest. My Great Grandmother was supposed to die almost 15 years now, she's turning 88 this year and couldn't be happier because she's "had all this extra time with her family that God granted her". So truly the ones who are expected to die always want to live past that and have more initiative to live their lives for themselves and not for the ones around them. Sorry if some of that didn't make sense I was trying to put what I know into words so that someone else might benefit from them + I'm only 15 so some things I say don't make a lot of sense.

happy sweet sixteen! i love when people go against all odds, keep thinking positively. i know you made me think positive.

I know I'm lat, but I just found this site. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy late birthday, i know this is way late, but my father was diagnosed with hiv a few years ago and just reading this gave me so much hope thank you :]

happy un-birthday! this one made me smile so thanks


Happy birthday. Keep going strong

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