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Today, at the age of 30 I’ve been happily married to my second husband, Mark, for almost 4 years. My first husband, Kevin, was one of the first soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2003. I still wear the wedding band Kevin gave me right next to the wedding band Mark gave me. I do it to honor his life. But what most people find surprising is that Mark fully supports me in doing so, and even got Kevin’s ring engraved with “Rest in peace, hero.” MMT

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Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't love two men with your entire heart at the same time.

@atlantic. The question is who goes at what end? Do you switch at half time? :P

Afghanistan was invaded in 2001, how could he of been one of the first killed?

@rightknight: if u think that was funny, ure wrong

@starsinthesky oh cheer up. Sheesh some people want to be so serious all the time. BORING

Your husband is a truly a wonderful person...both of them in fact. Don't let either one go.

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