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Today, when I told him I was upset about my weight, he said, “Why? It's nothing but a number that matters entirely too much to too many. A number that doesn't tell the world how many lives you've touched. A number that doesn't tell the world what your passions are. A number that doesn't tell the world how your eyes sparkle when you smile. A number that doesn't define you in any way whatsoever.” MMT

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Actually, there are strong statistical correlations with a variety of health issues. While being overweight [1] doesn't guarantee health issues, they're more likely. While I agree we tend towards ridiculous standards of "healthy weight", that doesn't change the dangers. [1] All this depends on a wide variety of factors, and I don't your weight or health, so huge grain of salt. But I figure we might as well live as healthy as possible, so that we can enjoy life that much longer, and continue all the positive stuff we bring to the world besides weight concerns.

Way to ruin the moment dave.

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