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Today, after staying up until midnight studying, I woke up at 5AM to finish. Then I studied on the way to school. I finally got a 100% on a chemistry exam – the only one in the class. My mom and sister hugged me. I feel really good that I did good. My friends are happy for me too, and that is good. Thank you for reading my story. I'm autistic, and despite some mean things people say, I'm not lazy. It just takes me longer to get things right. MMT

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Congrats on getting 100%! Chemistry is hard, at least for me, so I'm very happy for you, especially for being autistic. Good job! And I hope you do well in everything else you do.

This is almost verbatim to a post made on SixBillionSecrets. While it's a thought provoking story, I suppose, it unfortunately seems like someone just stole it to get a post on the front page.

AMUSED by reading your story.... Superlike...

You know what, in China, million of students strive hard for 100 score in high school for a further education, without knowing anything about what the aim of education should be. Hope you are not in the class of that, cause that means nothing.

Excellent job! Very proud of you! :) Keep up the good (and hard) work and you'll go very far in life! Soot for the stars, hun

Loveology: I'd say the same person just posted it here and on SBS. I don't think anyone would steal a post like that (though I wouldn't be too surprised) and a lot of people on SBS are also here, and vice-verse. They're similar websites.

wah,very excellent.....i want too...can teach me how to stay up??

wah,very excellent.....i want too...can teach me how to stay up??

That's awesome! I'm happy for you!

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