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Today, my dad owns a successful construction company. Right now we're in the process of building two houses, one for me and one for my parents, on a five acre lot on the Florida coastline. Every time people find out about it they automatically assume I was a spoiled kid who’s now grown-up and inheriting freebies from my dad. But what they don’t know is that when we came to the US when I was 5 (I’m 29 now), my dad averaged $6 an hour as a construction worker, and when I turned 15, I started working part time construction jobs as well. We lived together with my mom in a one bedroom basement apartment in the projects. My dad and I started his company when I was 20 with money we both had saved. So I don’t care what others say. We earned everything we have, and we did it as a family. MMT

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This is a great story!

That's really should be honored, one make his life by hard working, and that's why you are praised a company.

Well, I don't like how people don't use this website for what it is, and instead of commenting about how these posts truly make them think, they comment just to criticize what is being said. If you don't like it, why do you even bother visiting this website? Just to ruin it for everyone else? No one cares if it's not original. If it makes us think, then who cares where it originally came from?

DancinDreamer91, did you not read my comment? "I like" are the first two words. That means I like the story. Use your eyes. They're two very valuable tools. Also, just for the record, even if I stated, "I dislike how unoriginal this is," it's making me think about how unoriginal it is. Just because it makes me think negatively doesn't mean it doesn't make me think. This site is called MakesMeThink, not MakesMeThinkPositivelyAboutEveryStoryPosted. Stop being stupid. Ta.

Yes the name of the website it MakesMeThink, but it's intentions are to inspire. Not every story is true, but I've been inspired by fiction in my life and I imagine you probably have too. So for people to come on here and constantly scrutinize and dissect every post because they question it's validity is really a waste of time. You're probably right about this one being copied, but that doesn't mean something like this has never happened and that in itself is inspiring. And your excuse of it makes me think about how unoriginal it is falls under the "just because I can sing loud and obnoxiously in public whenever I want doesn't mean I should" category. Good day to you.

If this site was only intended to inspire, there wouldn't be three other categories. Logic and doubt are arguably higher forms of thought. Please, if your sole reaction here is "what a nice story," you aren't thinking. Please do not police other peoplee's legitimate responses and erroneously report abuse because you liked something with a factual error or separate origin.

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