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Today, I was parked across the street from the school, staring into space and thinking as I waited to pick-up my brother who has a disability with his legs that requires him to use a rolling walker. And I looked up just as a school bus driver pulled out across four lanes of traffic and then waved to my brother, simply to give him a little extra time to safely cross the street. MMT

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That's dangerous and stupid, despite the good intentions.

Are you assuming that every other driver in the world wants to splatter a pedestrian across their windshield except for the nice old bus driver? Most drivers do stop for pedestrians and there is a small chance your brother would be hit by a car. Also, if you're that worried about him than why don't you park at the school instead of across the street from the school?

What a caring bus driver. I don't see how it's dangerous for the bus to do that...it's big, yellow and easy to see. People aren't always that easy to see (I'm assuming it pulled out when cars were still far enough away to stop safely). And it may not have been to protect him from being hit by a car, it could have just been to make him feel less rushed. Either way, that bus driver was very thoughtful.

It's dangerous because the bus driver is BLOCKING THE STREET. What if there was an ambulance that had to pass through because it had a gravely injured patient that would die if that patient didn't get medical attention immediately? How is it NOT dangerous? It's fucking stupid. Also, the argument "it could have just been to make him feel less rushed" is stupid. Why should someone get special treatment for a disability? It's idiotic and doesn't do anything but hurt that person once they get into the real world and realize that nobody stops for them. The poor driver exhibited incredibly poor judgment that day. Incredibly poor.

No, you're just a jerk. It IS dangerous. That boy shouldn't get special treatment, and the brother SHOULD park at the stupid f*cking school so his brother doesn't have to cross the street. Buses DO stop traffic, but this bus BLOCKED it. Totally different, moron.

easyt72000 - Ah, resorting to petty name-calling. How very mature of you. I will not stoop to your level; all I will say is that you're wrong. You think that what THIS bus driver did is no different from what a normal bus driver does, which is an idiotic concept to believe. No bus driver I know pulls across FOUR LANES of traffic to help someone cross the street. They deploy their stop sign, NOT pull across four lanes. There's a big difference. The former blocks traffic; the latter does not. The former is more dangerous; the latter is safer. Learn to express your beliefs and views without resorting to petty name calling. It makes you seem like an unprofessional, uneducated moronic twat.

If you'd bothered to read what I'd written, I didn't stoop down to your level. You called me a moron; I never called you any names. You're so funny. xD

By the way, I could very easily stoop down to your level, but I have far more maturity than to do something as childish as petty, unprovoked name-calling on the Internet.

Commenting back, you're both stooping down to each other's levels. And dzbx, you did stoop down by calling him an "unprofessional, uneducated moronic twat." Not trying to get in the middle, but see it from someone's else's point of view. Everyone has good points for the post, but respect what each other has to say whether you disagree or not. I disagree with a few, but it was still some good points. And to the author, if you know your brother has a disability with his legs, you need to park at the school instead of making him walk any farther than he has to. It would be the logical thing to do, especially if he has to walk four lanes of traffic. I think that's what pissed me off more than the bus thing.

Someone else's ** You can't edit, and it was bothering me.

x888x - I knew someone was going to say that I called easyt72000 a name, when, in fact I did not. Read my comment again and realize that I didn't call him or her that at all. Please don't misquote me. I do not appreciate it at all. Thank you.

Easyt72000, you're just too funny when you act like a hypocrite by asking me to "speak [my] mind," but to "try to be respectful," after what you've said to me on this thread. The fact of the matter is that you DID misquote me because you're taking what I'd written out of context. This is directly what is in my comment to you: "[Petty name-calling] makes you seem like an unprofessional, uneducated moronic twat." I never, not once, called you an "unprofessional, uneducated moronic twat." I said petty name-calling makes you seem like one. The keyword here is "seem." Had I written "[Petty name-calling] makes you an unprofessional, uneducated moronic twat," we'd be talking, but the fact is that I put "seem" in there which means it annuls any form of "name-calling," because I'm simply stating what you appear to be when you resort to petty name-calling. It's not name-calling at all. They're two totally different things; ergo, you misquoted me. Consequently, you're wrong. I think this all goes to show who was really "deprived of oxygen as [a small child]," who's really the "moron," who really has difficult using "both brain cells at the same time." What was that you were saying, easyt72000? You wanted me to be more respectful? Well, you should practice what you preach, as I've been incredibly respectful to you despite the callous immaturity you expressed earlier with your unprovoked name-calling, your hypocrisy and your inability to properly read people's comments on this thread. Have a wonderful day. : )

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