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Today, I have been treating my leukemia for 9 months and have lost all my hair. People often stare at me, which makes me uncomfortable. Today I was sitting with my mom in the food court at the mall when I noticed a pretty blonde haired woman looking my way as she walked by. We locked eyes, and just as I was about to look away she pulled off her wig to reveal her bald head. Then she smiled and gave me a thumbs up. MMT

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One of my most vivid memories is of my four year old self and my 2 year old brother sitting on a hospital bed with bowls in our laps, pulling out his hair and having a contest to see who could collect the most. He passed away shortly after turning 3. This touched me so deeply I've been sobbing for the past 5 minutes. Best of luck to you, I have no doubt you're surrounded by many who care.

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