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Today, while I was waiting at the hospital for my grandmother, a bald teenage girl walked out of the cancer treatment wing and into the waiting area with the biggest smile on her face, looked up at the few of us in the room and exclaimed, “I'm going to LIVE! My cancer is in remission!” MMT

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If the girl you saw was receiving cancer treatment (I assume from her description) in the hospital, she's several years away from remission. If this is true. Cancer sucks, has anyone else seen the xkcd cancer comics? Brutal, beautiful.

Yea, but this girl could have been at the hospital getting checked on, and they found out it was in remission. It could very well be a real story.

Yeah, right. Remission occurs at least five years from the end of successful treatment. This is fake. It could very well have been a real story if the OP didn't say she was bald.

I don't know why everyone seems to think the only reason a person would be bald would be that they're receiving cancer treatment. A person, even a girl, can always opt to be bald....

That is true, but you really wouldn't consider if this is one of the many fake stories on MMT just because the OP didn't include the loss of her eyebrows and eyelashes?

Cancer survival stories don't make me think. I'm like happy for them and appreciate my life, but..........

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