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Today, I was walking through a corridor in school when I noticed one of my friends walking in front of me. He was talking to a boy with Down Syndrome who people pick on a lot. I could hear them talking, and my friend treated him with respect and spoke to him like he would any other person. When my friend grinned, waved and said goodbye as they parted ways, the smile on the boy's face was unbelievable. MMT

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I really like this. In high school, I actually used to hang out with the mentally disabled in the mornings. I always got looks like I was a freak, like why was I hanging out with them and not others. But to be honest, I felt more welcome with them then I did most of the time with people who weren't mentally disabled. Just the fact that your friend made the boy's day, is truly the best.

My daughter has down's syndrome, it's terrifies me to think about her future when people are so judgmental and unaccepting but stories like this really reassure my faith in people.

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