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Today, I walked past my English teacher as I was walking into a room. He asked me how I was feeling (he caught on that I was depressed yesterday). I just shrugged and said, "I'm okay." To my surprise, as I began to walk away, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back, asking again. I was surprised; I still am. I'm going to thank him tomorrow, because just knowing he cares made me feel a hundred times better MMT.

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While I'm glad you have caring teachers, it bothers me that this teacher has crossed a boundary by taking your hand. Not just because of the implications of a hand hold, which honestly are not much at all, but because a lot of people have personal boundary issues that extend to such general touching. Depression usually worsens these feelings. While it's great your teacher cares, he should think about how people will react before he does things. Luckily, you reacted well.

I'm the original poster of this story. I'm not sure that it makes a huge difference, but he actually grabbed my wrist, not my hand. That was a typo. But the thing is, I didn't feel creeped out or scared. I was just shocked, because as you said, teachers aren't meant to do such things. But I can say with all honesty and I'm positive about it, that he meant well. I'm thinking he just did it because he really didn't want me to walk away, because for all he knew, I could have come home and killed myself. My point is that he reacted as he saw fit, and that simple gesture really did save me from doing something very selfish and stupid. I do understand what you mean, though.

Given the context I really don't think it was that inappropriate. Had he pulled her into a hug or put a hand on her waist maybe. But pulling her back just to double check that she really was ok, not much different than pulling someone back to the sidewalk when they go to step out but a car is trying to slip past the light. While some people with depression might not want to have contact, for others a simple pat on the shoulder can make a big difference in their day.

There are people who would have reacted badly to the touch (myself one of them, as I'm sensory defensive) but the reason seems to be good enough.

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