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Today, my roommate lost her credit card at a gas station. We tore apart her car for over an hour searching for the card, but to no avail. We looked around the station and even asked the attendant if anyone had turned it in, but again we did not find it. When we called to cancel it, someone had found it and already called and canceled it for her. The integrity shown by that anonymous person MMT.

#16955 (3) - Nov 6, 2012 by anon - Inspiring - Yes, that made me think too! (521) - No, that made me sleepy. (15)



Can you even cancel a credit card that's not yours?

May be it is possible in OP's country. May be OP meant 'blocking' but ignorantly used the word 'cancelling'. It does MMT

Today I heard these words "death leaves a heartache that will seldom heal, but love leaves memories that no-one can steal" they made me stop and think

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