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Today, she is my wife of 27 years, and this is our story: When, I was 11, I met a girl in school and she became my best friend. When I was 13 I moved with my parent’s to the other side of the country. Then when I was 14, I was sent to a young offender’s prison for a crime I didn’t commit. So consequently we lost touch. Due to the seriousness of the crime, a lot of people that had once called themselves my friend disowned me. I felt so useless and depressed, I often thought about giving up the fight to prove my innocence. Then one day, a few days after I turned 15, I was in my cell when I received a letter from her. In one line she wrote, “I would have written to you sooner, but I didn’t know where you were. I was worried and haven’t stopped missing you.” It dawned on me then that I still had a friend in this world. And she believed in me, and believed I was innocent. And the fact that one person believed me, made me want to carry on the fight. I had my trial and got out on my 16th birthday having been found not guilty. And we married four years later. MMT

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I am sorry from the bottom of my heart that you had to suffer injustice, especially to lose so much of your youth due to a flawed legal system. But I offer my deepest congratulations on having such a strong relationship and having your name cleared.

After reading some of your comments in here Emmers I genuinely hope you keep staying active on this page. I think I speak for many when I say that your comments give valuable insight and thoughts. Even if not all stories in here are real, at least your comments are.

I find it strange that someone under the age of sixteen was held on remand for two years awaiting trial. That's some serious crime you were accused of.

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