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Today, I ate a burger and a large coke, and I’m OK with it. Tomorrow I am going to see my therapist and tell her about it. I’m actually really proud of myself. And I know she will be proud of me too. Leaving anorexia behind and being healthy, happy and my old self for over 2.5 years now MMT.

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As someone who is also recovery from an eating disorder, things like this MMT a lot. My friends are often proud of themselves for being able to turn down dessert or passing on things like burgers and soda. For me, I consider each of these things that I can eat and not panic about a true success. It's a bigger accomplishment than a lot of people realize. Congratulations and good luck on the rest of your recovery!

I hate that nutrition and mental stability cannot be taught side by side. Soda is the worst possible thing to drink when you have no sense of intuitive eating and unstable blood sugar levels.

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