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Today, I graduated early with the highest honors from Cal Berkley’s computer science department. Next week I start my fulltime job at Google. You laughed when I said I wanted to be a computer scientist. You said that being a lesbian meant that I should be a hairdresser or something, and that I would never be able to do anything useful. So who’s laughing now mom? MMT

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You went to Berkeley and you can't spell its name correctly?

mmt90210, do you have anything better to do than go trolling on people's posts and being obnoxious? People like you are the reason why I decided to join this site.Try showing some respect and just not open your mouth at alll. Good for you, Anonymous! I can sort of relate to what you went through, except my mother didn't necessarily laugh at me when I told her I was a psychic. She basically told me I was crazy and has continually tried to get me to doubt myself. Well, this "crazy" person has helped law enforcement many times, has saved lives, and has made a difference. Its just like you said, "Who's laughing now?" Except I say, "Who's the crazy one now?" You don't need people in your life like that who want to bring you down. Really, all they are trying to do is bring you down to their level. Parents might give us life, but life will still be what we choose to make of it.

#1 - does it really matter? Anonymous - great! The world is ahead.. Go and conquer it!

Lil' J, you sound crazy to type out that ridiculous rant over a brief spelling correction, then making this story about yourself.

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