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Today, the truth is, I don't ever want my scars to heal. They remind me every day of what I went through when I was younger, and how far I’ve come. They are a reminder of my strength. And they make me think of the possibilities that still lie ahead. MMT

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Scars are there for a purpose! You are right when you say you don't want to forget because you see yourself not as a victim but as a survivor! choose to create a positive in your life and reach beyond what you doubted in the past! We all must go through these challenges to become who we are today! Women or men of great strength and empathy achieve it through pain, obstacles,failures, to inspire others - people like you! You need to honor yourself where you are at but seek, seek, seek, to be the best you can Be! It's never by chance that you went through some very difficult times. You can transcend your life though action of hope, disapline, determination! Disarm negativity through healthy mantre's! jThere's always going to be another mountain to climb, but chill because by being fearless and keeping your self worth by trying to do what's right will get you through the toughest situations! Never think your alone as God holds you in his embrace and purges us to become what we need to learn!think about this... ....

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