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Today, when I interviewed my grandpa for a school project, I asked him, “What’s one physical human characteristic that you think is beautiful?” He replied, “I think scars are beautiful. Regardless of whether they’re old, new, large, small, deep or shallow. Many people think scars are an imperfection of the body, but I think they are a sign of strength; they show a person’s ability to endure pain, and live through it.” MMT

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It really bothers me when someone else romanticizes such a personal characteristic about someone. Your grandfather has no idea where the scars came from or how the individual feels about them. Would it still be beautiful if the scars are from an assault? Or from abuse? Or from a failed suicide? If the individual who wears the scars chooses to see their own in that way and looks to their scars as a sign of overcoming something great then this is their own personal vision based on personal reasons. But the blanket statement that your grandfather made is inappropriate and does not reflect the many personal and sometimes very dark pasts behind the scars someone carries. The man who was abused as a child may not think his scars are so beautiful, the woman who was attacked and raped may not see them as a sign of strength, and your grandfather really was speaking out of place in making a blanket statement of that nature.

Emmers, to me, your post just proves his point. Each of those people, regardless of what they think about their scars or how they got them, is alive. They survived whatever it was, mundane or traumatic, that caused the scars and that very fact alone is beautiful. Bad things happen to good people who don't deserve it, like assault, abuse, etc, but the fact that the victim is alive despite the hardship means they are strong. It takes strength to live in general, and even more when life has made you face more challenges than most. Even if those with the scars don't see them as a sign of strength, OP's grandfather does, and I agree.

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