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Today, my little sister saved my life, and she has no idea. All she did was send me one text: "It was so great to see you yesterday. I love talking with you. And I want to start spending more time together." 22 words was all it took to stop the suicidal thoughts that had been running through my head all day. This evening I even went to my first therapy session to cope with my issues. I wish more people knew how powerful their words are. MMT

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I question how suicidal you were if 22 words stopped you from being suicidal.

#1, I have never heard anything quite so ignorant said about suicidal individuals. Take your bullshit elsewhere.

#2: Suicidal tendencies are not something that can be cured by some compliment, or 22 words. If you actually believe that, you deserve some therapy, and a few extra tax dollars to go towards better education.

When did she say he/she was cured? It says they went to therapy after and the text helped them to have hope; don't be such a prick.

"22 words was all it took to stop the suicidal thoughts..." Right here is the implication that it cured him/her.

it wasn't "some compliment" you try to trivialize someone's pain with your mean comments. No wonder why people out there commit suicide. Just knowing someone in your life cares can make all the difference in the world.

Dzbx: you're being a jerk again. Don't be a jerk. I've seen a few of your recent comments here, and they're rude. Take that shit elsewhere. There are plenty websites, and if you can't be respectful, this isn't one for you. OP: good for you! I'm happy to hear you're taking the steps necessary to cope with your problems. Good luck! :)

Why again dzbx? What happened to your rational thinking? Disappointing.. @op good 4 you..

#1, it's absolutely none of your business what my mental history is but I'll share it for you to help with this overwhelming ignorance your displaying, so you're welcome for the education. From an extremely young age, much younger then is normally documented (and normally reserved for children who are victims of abuse), I've struggled with social anxiety and depression. As a child I knew something was 'different' about me but didn't know what or why, it was simply how I lived my life. It didn't ever cross my mind as something that was significant about me and my family seemed to encourage my 'quirkiness' and viewed my quietness as a sign of being thoughtful and above other children. To this day I don't think my mother truly believes me when I have to explain depression and anxiety to her over and over again. She used to think it was something I made up to get out of class so I could spend an hour in the counseling office at school. I used to get yelled at for telling a counselor that I was depressed and would bring scissors to school and cut my arm up in the bathroom, so I don't rightly expect her to be that open to understanding it now that I am an adult on my own. Depression, anxiety, mental illness of any sort does not just 'go away' because of a few kind words. That does not mean kind words are lost or cannot produce an astounding effect on the victim of depression. For those of us with depression we may have a moment of intense clarity where we suddenly realize "Wait, little kids aren't suppose to be this way and I need help" or in the case of the OP "Someone close to me cares about me, someone cares if I am around, maybe I can learn to care if I am around too. I need help". The OP didn't say they where magically cured of suicidal urges and became a perfectly well adjusted individual, they said that the words of someone close to them are what spurred a change within that made them take the steps into recovery. And yes, words can do that. So you're welcome, you are now educated and can leave your ignorance at the bottom of the pit you crawled out of.

@Emmers - well said. Your comment mmt.

I completely understand how a few words at the right time can make the depressed brain wake up and realize life might be worth living. @OP, I hope you know you are strong. It took strength to get help. Sometimes therapy can be difficult and even frustrating, but it can help you get to where you need to be for recovery. I've struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression for 13 years. Well, that's how long I've been diagnosed (at age 16), but I know I felt it well before that. Know you are not alone, and that others are rooting for you. :)

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