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Today, at my new church (I just recently relocated) I could tell that some people were looking down on me. I assume it's because I am young, single, and my pregnancy is finally showing. But after a short while the minister came over to introduce himself, and literally shed a few tears of joy when he found out that I am a surrogate mother for my brother and his paralyzed wife. MMT

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A stunning example of the fact that we really need to get to know people before we judge them. Your ability to not let people's judgement overshadow your amazing act MMT. Congrats to you, your brother, and his wife!

We need to remember that sometimes those we would turn to for the most understanding and support are not what we need. Individuals are not righteous or good people because of their religion (whatever that may be), they re righteous and good because of their actions and how they speak to the world. I am glad that you have someone at your important place of worship who is there for you during what must be a difficult and emotional time for you, your brother and his wife. Regardless of our religious differences I hope your pregnancy stays safe and the baby is happy and healthy. This is a very generous action on your part to offer new life for your brother and his wife, one I am sure cannot be measured by dirty looks from strangers.

This story really shows how problematic our society is. So if the OP hadn't been a surrogate and had instead been pregnant just because she wanted to be pregnant, it would've given the church permission to ostracize and isolate her? I mean it's a good thing that the minister treated her like a NORMAL human being by coming over to say hi, but shouldn't that have been the right thing to do anyways, regardless of her pregnancy?

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