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Today, it’s been about six months since I was clinically diagnosed with depression. Although I've gotten treatment and therapy, it still creeps up on me even on happy days. Whenever I tweet something slightly sad, one of my best guy friends always texts me right away saying how beautiful and strong I am and how important I am to him. His constant love and support MMT.

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I know exactly what you are going thru. The best thing to do is surround yourself with special friends like the one you have and you'll find yourself smiling sooner than you think! :) and don't forget to remind him how much you appreciate him too! Have a beautiful day!!

I know what it's like. It's been one year since I was diagnosed with depression. I lost 25kg, took heavy drugs, but now i'm doing theraphy, still tooking pills, but not that heavy. It's awful, because sometimes I feel like I can't stand this anymore... but then my parents give me hugs and reminde me how great I am... and I feel a little better. Healthy anf strenght for us, dear

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