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Today, nearly my entire homeroom class got after-school detention. Why? We were discussing gay marriage/rights and our teacher was being so disrespectful which made our class get into a full-blown argument with her. My fellow classmate’s acceptance and the fact that so many stood by their convictions despite the unwarranted consequences MMT.

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Thank you for standing up to that teacher - some people just dont get the fact that LGBT people are, in fact, human.

But you were just as disrespectful towards your teacher. So, what exactly did you prove?

Standing up for the values you believe in, need not be disrespect. The wonderful thing is that, despite of the anticipated consequences, they stood up against their teacher, for a community that is being neglected by a lot of people in us. Only an undoubted voice will make a difference. Come, lets clap for the kids!

Authority does not deserve respect for bigotry.

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