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Today, my friend’s dad died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest a few hours before our varsity district championship game. My friend is the team captain. The whole team rushed to the hospital. Our coach was considering forfeiting the game, but my friend said “no.” She wanted to play. All the players wore yellow tape with her dad’s initials. I’ve never seen our team play so hard. And we won our school’s first championship. MMT

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This is something similar to an Indian film I have seen. In the movie, hero, the captain, gets to be the best player of the tournament. @OP: If this story is true, sorry for your teammate's loss.

Mom's initial changed to dad's initial? And previous comments removed? Such a shame...

@aswath let's be kind to everybody..who knows it might have been a typo error. not all the members here are americans. forgive the person for grammar lapses

@ltc: true. I said shame because the website owners removed one comment pointing the error and one (dzbx's) questioning the originality of the story. That was not a good thing to do. And, i'll make sure i never comment on grammatical errors coz English is a foriegn language for me also:) anyway, thanks for pointing out.

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