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Today, I got an email from this girl in one of my classes asking me if I needed notes for the class because she noticed that I'm usually late. I'm in a wheelchair and can't move quickly across campus when it's busy. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get to class. This girl and I never really spoke more than a few words to each other. If more people had the ability to notice when other people need help, even if they don't necessarily ask, this world be a better place. Her kindness today MMT.

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I am glad someone was kind enough to lend a helping hand, but with today's politically correct movement I find myself afraid to help. I've done something as simple as opening a door and the individual was offended. I did out of courtesy and a desire to help, so it's difficult to help because you fear someone may be offended by it.

Or, you know, you could grow a fucking backbone and ask for help when you need it and not expect people to notice that you need help.

dzbx - First of all, maybe she didn't believe that she needed help and therefore she wouldn't have needed to ask for it, but rather when the person offered the help. she really appreciated it because it meant that someone cared.. Maybe she just accidentally wrote it the wrong way from what she meant. Maybe she did mean this and she just didn't ask for the help that she needed. Who cares? What does your comment do? Nothing, besides hurt someone. Maybe she feels uncomfortable asking for help because it shows her weakness which she believes is already evident. Goodness. (By the way, I used singular she, however, for all I know it could have been a he.) Why do you even visit this website regularly? All that you ever do is post angry, negative comments. If none of this makes you think, or all that it makes you think about is something upsetting, then why do you bother coming?

Dzbx - very different view you are having. But too arrogant words. @OP: nice gesture by the girl! Makes me think.

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