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Today, just because it is Christmas day, my dad decided to pay for the order of car behind of us at Taco Bell. Turns out the husband and wife in the car could barely afford what they ordered and my dad paying for their order made their Christmas. We know because they caught up with us at the red light in front of the restaurant, in tears, and thanked us. MMT

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That was sweet of your father, but why go to a fast food joint if you can barely afford it and are stuggling to make ends meet? Just go to a grocery store and get the individual ingredients, it'll cost 10 times less but also taste a bit different.

@#1: Having been in a position of having very little income in the family I can tell you without a doubt that when you've got $5 to your name and nothing in the bank but you know you can feed two people at a fast food restaurant for $3, that's what you end up having to do. You buy what you can at the moment because that's when you and your family are hungry and that's all you can afford. You cannot afford to wait until you have enough to buy groceries for the week when you've got hungry tummies in the family. Sometimes the only reason my mother and I even ate was because of the value menu at Burger King. The two of us could eat for only $2 each when it would cost us $10+ to go get the groceries to make the same meal at home. Keep in mind that even if we had enough money to buy those groceries it means my mother wouldn't have money to gas up the car. So $10 wasn't just $10 for groceries, it was $10 for EVERYTHING. Fast food is a luxury to most of us and normally is considered a 'treat'. But when my family had nothing we had days that the only reason we could even eat anything was because of those $1 menu choices. Without that option available I can say for certain that we'd have more then one day in which we could not eat. It's a really horrible place to be in and I feel personally for the couple here because I've been in that place before and I know how hard it can be.

Wow! That was long Emmers! I dont know about your place, but in my place fast food IS a luxury. One time in CCD or Dominoz would cost me almost a week's normal lunch expense. And if i cook myself and eat, it would not come more than Rs. 4000 ($75) a month. Cost is different and varies according to places. @op: keep helping others!

This is sweet and all, but I can't help but be a little irked that they are supporting the opening of fast food places on a national holiday. The staff being all volunteer is one thing, but I really doubt that's the case.

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