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Today, while working at the blood bank, a 22 year old girl came in, and explained that she was deathly afraid of needles. After she had gotten done, I asked her why she chose to donate her blood if she was so scared of needles. She hesitated for a second and then told me, “My brother passed away on Christmas Day five years ago because he needed blood. We were living in a small town at the time, and the hospital there didn’t have enough blood for his blood type. I’ve donated once a month ever since, but I still hate these needles.” MMT

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Once a month?

You can only donate blood once every 8 weeks...

Uh, no. There's no way they let you donate 12 times a year. Where I live, it's more like every three months at most for women. Also, you can't donate at 17 yet. Also, they won't take your blood if you're "deathly afraid of needles", no matter how honorable your reasons. Sorry, but I call fake on this one.

@Anoulie - all true except for the age piece; it may depend on the state or organization, but I donated blood for the first time when I was 15. But I'm just being nitpicky - your main point is still true, the girl couldn't possible donate that often.

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