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Today, on the evening my ex-wife remarried on some tropical island, I got to spend time with my two sons - ages 8 and 9. And I realized tonight that the recession had pretty much taken everything from me - my wife, my career, my house, etc. - with the exception of my boys. They have been my rock - my meaning. And every time they look into my eyes and say "I love you dad," I feel quite rich. MMT

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I felt quite rich too

What mother doesn't want her own children at her wedding?

Are you saying your wife left you because you lost your job? It's kinda sad but at least you still have your sons.

#2 - Considering the ages of the kids, they wouldn't have enjoyed the wedding anyway and would have caused more problems. This is a common thing nowadays were people will leave young children with babysitters before going to formal events like these. Children are a pleasure to have around, but their comfort must be noted as well.

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