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Today, on a crowed subway train in Manhattan, I watched as a wealthy businesswoman dressed in a Gucci woman’s suit and wearing a Rolex, limped onto the train using a cane for support. It appeared that she had an injured ankle. Without hesitating, a homeless man sitting in the first seat by the doorway jumped up and offered her his seat. She smiled, sat down, reached into her pocket and handled the man $200 in cash. The man began thanking her repeatedly and crying with tears of joy. MMT

#17393 (5) - Feb 14, 2013 by LCJ - Inspiring - Yes, that made me think too! (877) - No, that made me sleepy. (23)



I find this hard to believe. $200? Are you sure OP?

"I'll take, 'Shit that never happened' for $1,000, Alex."

Dzbx.. I did not understand your comment. Can you simplify?

@3 - #2 is just expressing his opinion that this post is a fake by using a phrase coined on a game show. I can't remember which one, all I really know is the Alex mentioned is Alex Trebeck.

It's from Jeopardy.

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