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Today I found out I have been accepted to college with a full baseball scholarship. Despite everything my alcoholic mother and her abusive husband put me through - the hungry, sleepless nights I spent in tears as a young kid - it didn't ruin me. I’ve worked hard to get out of this trailer, and it’s finally paying off. MMT

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! People like you truly amaze and inspire me. Enjoy these next four years :)

i don't even know you but i'm proud of you. good luck on your future and all the best. you deserve it. now make sure you keep moving forward and don't let anyone or anything fool you into moving off your path xx

Get out. Now. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I was in your situation once and I nearly lost it all when my step-father decided he wasn't going to LET me go to college. Get out of that trailer. Emancipate yourself before they can destroy everything.

Congrats! Don't ever look back or you might trip, just keep looking foward to where you want go to and you will get there. My dad taught me when I was learning to ride a bike "where your eyes go so goes your body" keep your eyes on the prize. Best Wishes

I'm so proud of you!!

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