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Today, I met a cute white guy at a local bar. In conversation he mentioned that he supports same sex marriages. I politely asked him if he was gay. He chuckled and said, "My mom supported the Civil Rights Movement. Do I look black to you?" MMT

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I thought of this very thing earlier today. Glad to see that there's similar minds out there.

it's nice to know that not everyone is homophobic or racist. :)

That guy is awesome


You definitely found a good one, hold onto him!

Respectfully, I fail to see what one has to do with the other.

Than your a fool

The OP irks me, only for the fact that she assumed he was gay because he supported gay rights. I have had this conversation so many times with people. I don't have to defend my sexual orientation just because I support gay rights. It's a human right, why does it matter if I'm straight?

true blood season 1 episode 1> if i am not mistaken

I agree, it really says a lot about how selfish people are that standing up for basic human rights is inconceivable if you don't belong to the discriminated group.

that's a great way to thimk about things.

Jamie P, the OP did not assume he was gay. If you read her post a little more carefully, you would see she said she 'asked politely' if he was. Doesn't mean she assumed it.

wait, i dont get it

#12 - Writing that she 'asked politely' doesn't mean shit. For one, OP wrote it, so obviously she is going to make herself look better. In order to even ask someone their sexual orientation means that you're wondering, which means - by human nature - that you have already made an assumption.

#8 - Next time you can use this line. #10 - For some people that's true. For some people it's human curiosity. For some people it's a convenient sequitur to ask a cute white guy if he might be interested in you. #12 - In this context it does sound like she made an assumption. But where is this "human nature" thing coming from? Generally speaking it is possible to ask a question you haven't assumed the answer to.

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