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Today, at the doctor’s office where I work, a Latino woman filled out the forms for her son’s medical exam. In the 'Ethnicity' section, she marked 'Other' and wrote in 'American.' MMT

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Ignorant move on her part, imo. Doctors need this information to sometimes help diagnose the patient. The reason being - some people with ethnic backgrounds are affected differently by some diseases.

I only use America to help me when random strangers ask me where I'm from. Like when I went on vacation with my family, I was at Mt. Rushmore and a man asked "where are you ladies from? Japan?" and I just told him "California."

she was right in what she marked. if they wanted information to help diagnose a patient they should have asked for race because race defines the way that other people see you and ethnicity defines the way that she sees herself. if she sees herself as american and lives her life in the american way and expresses the american culture than her ethnicity is american. the way that the rest of the world sees her and enforces on her is latina. race and ethnicity are used interchangeably but what people need to realize is that they are two different words.

actually she is right, "american" pertains to all those born in America, regardless south, central or north America...she actually is more american than most north americans....

Well... that's a nationality, not an ethnicity. It's an interesting story, but technically, she's incorrect.

I was going to say the same thing as zobidoll. American is a nationality not ethnicity. Technically as fas as this goes, a mexican, canadian, puerto rican whatever is still American as they are in the North America continent. A doctor does need to know ethnic background as some diseases and conditions would be either eliminated by or relevent to the ethnicity. In other words, certain ethnic groups are more prone to immune to certain medical conditions. So, for the other commentators other than zobidoll... Go learn something...

As inspiring as it is, she should have just marked "hispanic", for her son's well-being. Many diseases are more common in certain populations. For example, falsiform anemia is very common on black people, whilst thalasemia, a hemoglobin protein transcription irregularity like falsiform anemia, is more common in populations descended from mainland Europe. But I still commend her on what she did, as I am a firm believer in equality of the races. Just sayin' maybe it wasn't the right time to do so.

If the doctor needs more information he can talk to the patient and find out.

She'd be "Latina" if she's a woman, wouldn't she? But anyway, maybe she's just been in the US for so long that she considers herself American.

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