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Today when I read the news about the healthcare debate, I thought of my dad, who died of colon cancer at 86. When the doctor told him he could have 6 to 8 more weeks with chemo and radiation, my dad was horrified. "Spend Medicare money on me when there are kids without health insurance? I'm 86!" MMT

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Judging by that statement alone, it seems as if your father was a great, selfless man.

Your dad was a great man. We could use a couple more like him.

Wow, that is one of the most courageous and selfless things I've ever heard. Beautiful.

Your dad had more intelligence and character in his 86 years than the combined equivalent of our leaders today. I've never met your dad, but today I miss him.

Your dad sounds like a great man. I would describe him as selfless. It seems everyone votes with their own interests at heart, ignoring what would do the most good for the most amount of people

what a brave person

as long as they didn't fund abortion, fine with me! but that's never going to happen...


They don't fund abortion, catroxursox, thanks to the Hyde Amendment. The Nelson compromise is enough to ensure that most new insurance policies will not work around the red tape necessary to cover abortion through people's private plans. Please, continue opposing the procedure and not working to ensure proper medical coverage of birth control and sex education to reduce the number of abortion, but unfairly punish low-income women with unwanted pregnancies. That's exactly what universal health care is all about, denying medical procedures to people who cannot afford them...

Your father was awesome. He still is awesome :0)

I hope to be at least half as cool as your father when I'm 86! :) This is lovely!

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